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Alankaar- the initiative was started in March 2018 with a team of 8 working professionals and 8 students with the aim to simply help and educate the underprivileged. Primarily, our first teaching centre was in Gurgaon,sector-14-where we managed to teach after certain efforts put into dodging the workload.Fortunately, we got a positive response from the children’s parents.The parents after assessing their wards result and also the children themselves- quoted:

“If we had not joined Alankaar a few months back, passing in the final exam itself would have been difficult.”

This line above was the only constant source of motivation while thriving through the lack of time, volunteers and resources.Through that ray of hope, volunteers slowly began to show up and with resonance to that we also expanded; starting to more centres in Gurgaon- sector 15 and 45. Not only Kids passed their final exams in school but many scored more than 90%.

The whole perspective of our team took a paradigm shift when the focus extended to the overall development of the children. Thus, came the various events, activities and festive celebrations. Now, with all efforts struck in, we are successfully running the NGO with 150+ students and 100 odd volunteers. Alankaar immensely appreciates the society for the donation of time to help and educate our tender budding minds. We not only got contributions from our locals, but the support has been worldwide.Contributions from numerous people further helped us in necessary resources to the underprivileged children.

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