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Who Are We – alankaar

Who Are We

About Us

While on the road to our respective destinations, we often stumble upon problems ranging from violence, abuse etc., to uneducated opinions. Mostly, the focus remains on removing the metaphorical surface clutter rather than the root causes leading to such problems. Alankaar- an initiative, was thus started to demolish one of the root problems; the lack of education. After being established in March 2018, we are now successfully running 3 centres in Gurgaon, teaching 100+ students and 150 odd volunteers diverse academic backgrounds. Alankaar focuses on providing good quality education to under-privileged children. Along with academic education we also provide our students with exposure to various awareness based and fun-filled events. To structure our process a pre-planned syllabus is followed through the year with quarterly assessments. The result of our students are our rewards and the impact on their long term lives- our accomplishments..


Our Vision is to create an environment of equal opportunities, equal rights to education, safety, health and happiness


Our mission is to provide education to a society to whom it is a dream because we feel that every child deserves the best chance for a bright future. We focus on not only giving the bookish knowledge but also to teach the moral education to build their moral character and to make them good citizens who later on can contribute in the country’s progress.


It is a non-profit organisation which was founded in Feb 2018. We are based in Gurugram, Haryana. It started with teaching sec 14, Gurgaon service labour children